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Make a Long Term Language Plan You Can Stick To

Tons of people study abroad to boost language skills. And a study from IES Abroad reported that almost 35% of people who went abroad still used their language two or more times a month. Cool, right? Well… it seems cool… until...

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How to Avoid Cultural Blunders

After you return from study abroad, eventually you’re going to have to answer a really important question: How (and how much) am I going to relate to my host country and the culture? Your answer will probably fall somewhere on...


Why You Need to Start an After Travel Journal

There’s quite a bit of hype around creating a travel journal while you’re abroad. And that makes a lot of sense. But… I’m going to take a less common position and present 15 reasons why you need to start a brand new...


How to Maintain Your International Glow Up

There seems to be a consensus: once you’ve lived abroad you’re just a bit cooler than you were before. There’s no real justification for it. You just have that extra… je ne sais quoi. Aright guys, I’m buggin’ (aka...